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Citrus Springs Storage facility

This asset is located in Downtown Fort Myers, FL directly across from the Caloosahatchee River. The Fort Myers Downtown Riverfront District recently underwent a $50mm Streetscape Improvement project and is the Lee County Seat, with many county, city and state offices located in the immediate proximity.

The recent acquisition of this landmark building and has generated considerable excitement within the city. We have had visits from the Mayor, Community Development Teams, the City Planner, etc. All have expressed appreciation and offers to help facilitate a successful operation.

Currently under construction, directly across the street is the City’s Riverfront Project that will bring a catch basin in from the river, with a new “river walk,” right to the front door of this building. The completion of the city project will make this property one of the most valued properties in the city. The asset is four stories and will host “The Firestone” restaurant & bar, schedule to open in late 2012 upon completion of renovations.